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Understanding Your Skin: A Thorough Analysis of the Aging Process

Understanding Your Skin

There are many treatments to help counteract the effects of aging on the skin. But different parts of the face have different issues. Read More »

How to Succeed in Hollywood by Really Trying

Writers, directors, producers, and actors get together every month at the Alameda Writers Group. Read More »

Why the World Needs to Change Its Attitude Towards Sunscreen

The dangers of UV radiation are greater than you think. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The First Nudie Musical

"The Color, the Camera, the Lights and the Action" have never looked better! Read More »

Book Review: Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces And Bodies 2nd Edition by Lee Varis

Do you work with skin? Read More »

How Smoking Affects Your Skin

Smoking doesn't just cause superficial skin problems; it causes adverse changes to the skin's ability to function and heal. Read More »

Book Review: Transform Your Skin Naturally: Groundbreaking Alternatives by Ben Johnson, MD

Discover how some popular skin care rituals today can actually do more harm than good to the health of the skin. Read More »

No More Excuses…Wear Your Sunscreen

It doesn't matter that it's winter. Sunscreen must be worn every day, in every season, in every type of weather. Read More »

Book Review: Your Body: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald

Understand the most fabulous machine on the planet. Read More »