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Mitt Romney: U.S. Can Learn Something from Israel’s Health Care System

Mitt trips once (no, make that twice) again in Israel. Read More »

What American Businesses Need: A Heaping Helping of Legislative Fairy Dust

Businesses make a lot more money when their customers aren't bankrupt or credit-unworthy. Read More »

The Health Care All Of Us Want

The Republicans insist they have been excluded from the health care reform process. Yet, the White House's website refutes this claim. Read More »

Single-Payer is Not the Problem

Single-payer only becomes a problem if the single payer is also the single provider. Read More »

National Health Care in Under 1,000 Words Instead of 1,000 Pages

Fixing health care in the US ought to be easy. Why is it beyond the ability of our political leaders? Read More »