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Famine in Niger: Silent Guest Donations Needed to Feed Starving Children

Tonight at dinner imagine having one of the children in Niger as your guest. Read More »

Same Planet, Two Different Worlds

The one world where food is plentiful can rescue the other where food is practically nonexistent. Read More »

Feed a Silent Guest, Save a Starving Child in the Horn of Africa

If everyone would take at least one silent guest into their home, millions of lives could be saved in the Horn of Africa. Read More »

Starvation in the Horn of Africa: We Can Stop This Tragedy

If everyone took in a Silent guest at your next meal lives in the Horn of Africa could be saved Read More »

Transformational Leadership in Tackling Global Hunger Crisis

None of these individuals waited to be appointed "the boss" of U.S. foreign policy and postwar relief. Read More »

When Going Krogering Meant Fighting World Hunger

After World War II, the name Kroger also meant something else: Food for the hungry overseas. Read More »

A Modern-Day “Silent Guest” to Fight Global Hunger

Easter is upon us. This is as good a time as any to take in some silent guests and Feedback. Read More »

International Women’s Day and the Secret Weapon Against Hunger

On this International Women's Day let's remember how important Food for Education programs are for girls. Read More »

From Hollywood Actress to Hero Fighting World Hunger

While attending a prayer retreat, Iris Gabriel developed an idea for feeding the hungry Read More »

Free Rice to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

Free Rice helps feed the hungry while it helps improve learning and knowledge. Read More »