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DVD Review: ‘WKRP in Cincinnati – The Complete Series’

WKRP cast 1

The vast majority of the original music has been retained for this must-own, four-season, 13-disc DVD collection. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Martial Arts Movie Marathon’ – Four Films Full of Fists and Fury

martial arts movie marathon shout factory dvd review blogcritics

[insert dumb "everybody was kung-fu fighting" joke here] Read More »

DVD Review: Inhumans

The Inhumans’ dark and compelling story is certainly worth watching though the lightly animated style isn’t for everyone. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Transformers Prime – Season Two

The Emmy Award-winning series continues with the search for relics from the Vaults of Iacon. Read More »

DVD Review: Get a Life – The Complete Series

A surreal, self-reflexive sitcom that was way ahead of its time. Read More »

An Interview with Dave Wakeling of the English Beat

Upon the release of a comprehensive, five-disc boxed set, the English Beat's Dave Wakeling talks music, politics, and how both have coexisted in his career. Read More »

Music Review: The Beat – The Complete Beat

You'll discover there was and is no other band like The Beat Read More »

DVD Review: Ernie Kovacs – The ABC Specials

A fantastic introduction to a brilliant TV comedian. Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part IV – Freaks and Shrieks

It's time for a healthy does of good ol' fashioned nightmare fuel. Read More »

DVD Review: Police Story – Season One

Highly recommended — even if Joe Don Baker doesn't appear in any of the episodes. Read More »