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Interview with Anne K. Edwards, author of ‘This and That: A Collection of Light and Dark Tales’

The total collection of tales takes the reader into new worlds and differing genres where new things await.

I know a muse is supposed to be a "she" but mine is a disagreeable, whiny "he" who has his own column on my website. Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Sharp Bend in the Road,’ Short Fiction by Gerard Bianco


A fine collection of five star short stories written by one author who clearly knows his craft. Read More »

Flash Fiction: ‘The Five Stages’


Why did Daniel insist on coming down here today? She wasn’t ready. They hadn’t set foot in the place in months. She wasn’t interested…in anything. Sheila shook her bangs out of her eyes and pushed open the oversized, wooden door. It creaked a little, stiff from disuse. She reached for the light switch to her right and felt the soft, ... Read More »

Book Review: ’15 Stories’ by J.S. Kierland


Kierland leads readers through the foundation of humanity, seeing its cracks and where it crumbles. Read More »

Flash Fiction: ‘The Promise’


Sammie Sanders didn’t know what to be afraid of. This sometimes made her brave, other times foolish. Her mother was a single mom who didn’t pay much attention to Sammie or her younger sister, Jeannie. Her mom was in a sort of perpetual motion to find the perfect man. From what Sammie could see, they were in limited supply. In ... Read More »

Flash Fiction: ‘Lunch Money’

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I was heading down the highway after the robbery, not highway robbery, just the old fashioned gas station kind. Read More »

Flash Fiction: Last Call

lake louis beer

“You’ve made me a keeper of vineyards, yet my own vineyard I’ve not kept.” I sent this Song of Solomon verse out as my last Wednesday evening’s sermon. Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Possible Life’ by Sebastian Faulks

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A novel by any other name may still be sweet. Read More »

Book Review: The Safe Man: A Ghost Story by Michael Connelly

A terrific ghost story with a mystery thrown in for those who enjoy reading short fiction. Read More »

Book Review: Sock it to Me, Santa! by Madison Parker

High school students Ryan and Jamie discover the magic of falling in love at Christmas. Read More »