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LA Comedy Shorts: Take My Shorts…Please

LA Comedy Shorts is consistently the most friendly, least pretentious and most educational festival for filmmakers. Read More »

Movie Review: Porcelain Unicorn

The mythical unicorn is an apt Holocaust motif as a symbol of endurance, perseverance and wisdom Read More »

DVD Review: Hors Pistes: Volume 3

A strange collection of short films from the Centre Pompidou's 2008 festival. However, BC writer Kerri Shadid speculates that their meaning may not be as significant as is presumed. Or is it? Read More »

Movie Review: “Coco and James”

A review of the 18-minute documentary that chronicles supermodel Coco Rocha's fairytale wedding to British interior designer James Conran. Read More »

Azureus Rising – Short Film

You don't want to mess with this troll man. Read More »

Movie Review: Over Coffee

Love is in the office in Sean Meehan's enjoyable comedy Over Coffee. Read More »

Movie Review: Socks and Cakes

Friendships and marriages are tested in Kimistra's Films' somber ensemble drama Socks and Cakes. Read More »

Movie Review: Over Coffee

Sean Meehan's comedy short Over Coffee is a breezy delight. Read More »

Movie Review: Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life (2010)

Pop! go expectations veering into unintentionally darker than anticipated territory. Read More »

Short Film Review: “Dug’s Special Mission” from the Up DVD Release

A great Pixar short. Read More »