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Essential Reloading Tips for Your Ammunition

Recreational shooters can save a lot of money by reloading. Read More »

Movie Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin says things that might be very hard to hear. Read More »

United States: Stop What You’re Doing, Look at What You’ve Done in Aurora, Colorado

Mark my words and take no heart in them. Read More »

Metaphors Don’t Kill People; People Kill People

It is sticks and stones that break our bones, and it's not words that wield the weapons — it's people. Read More »

John Boehner’s 9/11 Moment

The new speaker has, so far, dealt superbly with the Giffords crisis. But will he follow through? Read More »

Jewish Community Joins Immigrants Calling For Peace After Giffords Shooting

We pray the memories of those killed in Tucson be a blessing Read More »

Shooting in Tucson: An Inevitable Tragedy?

Is today's shooting in Tucson a tragic wake-up call? Read More »

TV Review: Top Shot on The History Channel

Top Shot combines Survivor with firearms. Could be an interesting season. Read More »

The Trouble with Tenure

Recent events in Huntsville, Alabama, invite re-examining tenure even when departmental meetings alone are enough to incite violence. Read More »