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Manga Review: ‘Strobe Edge’ Volume Five by Io Sakisaka


The love triangle really goes through some very interesting changes in dynamics through this volume. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Volume 12 by Julietta Suzuki


Kotaro learns the truth about Himemiko, and has to deal with this revelation. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Volume 11 by Julietta Suzuki


Nanami and friends work to prepare for the new year. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘A Devil and Her Love Song’ Volume Nine by Miyoshi Tomori


The third story arc introduces a new character with a potential crush on our heroine Maria. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Strobe Edge’ Volume Four by Io Sakisaka


I’m just not convinced that Ando's the right guy for Ninako. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Volume 10 by Julietta Suzuki


A strong continuation of the story arc introduced in volume nine. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Dengeki Daisy’ Volume One by Kyousuke Motomi


This is a series that will probably be best enjoyed by the teenage girls who typically make up the market for shojo manga. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘The Earl & the Fairy’ Volume One by Ayuko


An interesting story for a shojo manga, set in 19th-century Europe. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Volume Nine by Julietta Suzuki


While I don’t consider myself a fan of Kurama, I enjoyed getting to see his backstory. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Love Com’ Volume One by Aya Nakahara


A shojo romance between a tall girl and a short pretty boy offers nothing much new to the genre. Read More »