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Spider-Man is the best superhero movie of the past 20 years. It’s closest relative in the success of translating both the immense scale and intimate characterizations of the character is 1978’s Superman. When Superman was released, Christopher Reeve was an unknown who took that blank slate and brought Superman to life, his Clark Kent was a bumbling and stumbling fool ... Read More »

Save Farscape

Save Farscape!!! Save Moya!!! I hate to be a doubting Thomas, but if SciFi is that determined to start destroying sets of one of their hightest rated shows on Wednesday, I doubt they’ll listen to the fans that put it there. But, for McSweeny, we’ll give it a shot! Go there, and make your voice heard. [ As seen on ... Read More »

George Lucas

Each time I watch one of these films, I am struck by something different. This time around, I was particularly aware of the fact that in the five Star Wars films made so far, we are seeing essentially the same images, over and over again. Each time through, they are placed in different contexts, used in different sequences, but basically Lucas is telling stories from a very basic visual vocabulary. Read More »

Gene Wolfe – The Book of the Short Sun

While on holiday I finally finished the reading "Return to the Whorl", the final volume of Gene Wolfe's "The Book of the Short Sun" science-fiction trilogy. A deep, complex and literary work, it's one of those books I know I shall have to read a second (and possibly third) time to fully understand. Read More »