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MARCON Day 3: In Space, Can Anybody Hear You Pray?

Teaching science fiction, Life on Mars, and religion, all on the final day of the convention. Read More »

Book Review: Enemies & Allies by Kevin J. Anderson

Superman and Batman pair up against Lex Luthor during the Cold War. Read More »

MARCON Day 2: Costumes and “Characters”

Was that a man dressed as Sailor Moon? Read More »

MARCON Day 1: Welcome to the Con

Be prepared for the weird at the Multiple Alternative Reality Convention. Read More »

DVD Review: Attack of the Puppet People

Couldn't you just smash a bunch of puppets if they attacked you? Read More »

DVD Review: Max Fleischer’s Superman – 1941-1942

These public-domain cartoons still hold up. Read More »

Conceptual Fiction: Round the Moon by Jules Verne

This 1870 novel by Jules Verne about a lunar mission gone wrong is a nineteenth century version of Apollo 13. Read More »

Conceptual Fiction: From Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne

In 1865, Jules Verne envisioned a lunar expedition that was surprisingly close to the later Apollo 11 mission Read More »

Graphic Audio Review: The DemonWars Saga: The Demon Awakens – Part I By R.A. Salatore

For a Movie In Your Mind check out The DemonWars Saga: The Demon Awakens – Part I. Read More »

DVD Review: The Invaders: The Second Season

It’s OK to watch The Invaders -- Mulder and Scully would approve. Read More »