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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ – ‘Rise of the Malevolence’


The Rise and Rise of the Mighty Malevolence Read More »

Interview with Greg Byrne, author of ‘Nine Planets’

"The inspiration for the book was so incandescent that the whole novel was in my head within an amazing ten minute period."

I rarely get a chance to tell a famous person he’s wrong, but here we go. Mr Orwell, you’re wrong. Read More »

Syfy’s New Continuum: A Chat with the Series Creator and Stars

Syfy's newest scripted series Continuum debuts in the U.S. Monday. The creator and stars met with TV journalists to talk about the new show. Read More »

TV Review: Ridley Scott’s Prophets of Science Fiction

Ridley Scott's Prophets of Science Fiction is a fascinating mix of literary and scientific information. Read More »

Book Review: The Fear Principle by B.A. Chepaitis

A futuristic story about former criminals. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Baby Universe’

For clever creativity, sweet whimsy, and wondrous storytelling it'll be hard to beat this grown-up puppetry showpiece this holiday season. Read More »

Book Review: Living Hell by Catherine Jinks

A group of young space travelers face certain death fighting against their ship after it comes alive. Read More »

Book Review: Marsbound by Joe Haldeman

Carmen Dula starts out as a Martian colonist, then becomes an ambassador to an alien species. Read More »

Reviews in Brief: Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Nuclear power -- and one mad scientist's brain-power -- unleash the ickiest monsters of the '50s. Read More »

Book Review: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

John Carter of Earth challenges the hordes of Mars for the beautiful Dejah Thoris. Read More »