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Washington Post Should Fire George Will and ‘Rape Apologist’ Editors

Before and after of Adam Kushner's Washington Post Headline.

Unless the 'Washington Post' wishes to be labeled "vile," "misogynistic" and "rape apologists" it must fire George Will and editors Fred Hiatt and Adam Kushner. Read More »

What To Do, What To Do: The Crime of Sexual Assault


Our societal barometer is broken. Read More »

Our Best and Brightest?


Senators make demeaning excuses for high frequency of sexual assault in the military. Read More »

Is There a Culture of Rape Within the Military?

While those who commit such crimes must be prosecuted, it's time we laid the blame where it squarely belongs: on our civilian leadership. Read More »

DOJ Threatens to Turn Texas Into a “No Fly Zone”

The DOJ may be touching a match to a powderkeg with its heavy handed approach to the civil liberties of airline passengers. Read More »

Marking Women’s History Month: We Still Need Strength

We may have come a long way, Baby, but we still have so far to go in how women are perceived and treated in our society. Read More »

SAVE’s “Don’t Be That Guy” Campaign

Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton launches the "Don't Be That Guy" campaign in a bid to shift the focus onto perpetrators of sexual violence. Read More »

Will the TSA Crash the Security State?

The values which define America are incompatible with the dictates of a security state. Read More »