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Middleburg Film Festival: Catherine Hardwicke Wants to Fix Gender Parity in Hollywood

Catherine Hardwicke on set

Director Catherine Hardwicke reflects on lessons learned during 'Twilight' as she endeavors to steer Hollywood away from advancing only "pale and male" careers. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Blazing World,’ by Siri Hustvedt

blazing world

Known for her powerful writing of both fiction nonfiction books, Siri Hustvedt has earned her reputation as a brilliant thinker and articulate writer. The Blazing World is strong proof that her talents are unmatched in the genre. Read More »

The Beginning of Men

Because of the oppression of women, we have no idea what a "real man" looks like. Read More »

Brown Like Her

I will need to raise a son who is not only "brown like me," but "brown like her." Read More »

Fresh-Squeezed: Florida Orange Juice Exposes Assault on White Middle Class

Negative stereotypes of race, class, and gender persist in the media. Read More »

Catwoman and Cleopatra: Inkblots of an Age

A look at how iconic women are portrayed over time, and what it says about those times. Read More »

Sexism and Season Six of House

The women of Princeton Plainsboro go into hiding and plotlines take a turn for the worse. Read More »

I’m In Love With Law & Order‘s Alana De La Garza

Her role is a sexist cliche, but I'm still in love with Alana De La Garza. Read More »

TV Review: Comedy Central Presents Jon Lajoie

Comedy Central is assembling a death squad to take out stand-up; here’s one of the hit men. Read More »

Book Review: Sexism in America – Alive, Well, and Ruining Our Future by Barbara J. Berg, PhD.

Has gender equality has been achieved in America? Documentation and research reveal otherwise. Read More »