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Book Review: ‘The Blazing World,’ by Siri Hustvedt

blazing world

Known for her powerful writing of both fiction nonfiction books, Siri Hustvedt has earned her reputation as a brilliant thinker and articulate writer. The Blazing World is strong proof that her talents are unmatched in the genre. Read More »

The Beginning of Men

Because of the oppression of women, we have no idea what a "real man" looks like. Read More »

Brown Like Her

I will need to raise a son who is not only "brown like me," but "brown like her." Read More »

Fresh-Squeezed: Florida Orange Juice Exposes Assault on White Middle Class

Negative stereotypes of race, class, and gender persist in the media. Read More »

Catwoman and Cleopatra: Inkblots of an Age

A look at how iconic women are portrayed over time, and what it says about those times. Read More »

Sexism and Season Six of House

The women of Princeton Plainsboro go into hiding and plotlines take a turn for the worse. Read More »

I’m In Love With Law & Order‘s Alana De La Garza

Her role is a sexist cliche, but I'm still in love with Alana De La Garza. Read More »

TV Review: Comedy Central Presents Jon Lajoie

Comedy Central is assembling a death squad to take out stand-up; here’s one of the hit men. Read More »

Book Review: Sexism in America – Alive, Well, and Ruining Our Future by Barbara J. Berg, PhD.

Has gender equality has been achieved in America? Documentation and research reveal otherwise. Read More »

Can Men See Pretty Women As Funny?

Why does Hollywood seem to have an aversion to letting women be funny? Read More »