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Abstaining from Comprehension

Abstinence-only sex education programs don't work. Read More »

Having “The Talk” with Nikol Hasler

Sex: A Book for Teens dishes on parenting, sex-ed, and her uninhibited Tweets. Read More »

Book Review: Sex: A Book for Teens: An Uncensored Guide to Your Body, Sex, and Safety by Nikol Hasler

Teens are walking bundles of hormones. Hasler gives them the tools to cope with the pitfalls of sex. Read More »

Against Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

My school only taught abstinence-only sex education. Almost thirty percent of my class have babies. Coincidence? Read More »

Book Review: How God Makes Babies by Jim Burns

Open up that touchy discussion with your six to nine-year-old using this book about the family, sex and how babies grow. Read More »

Book Review: God Made Your Body by Jim Burns

Get your child’s sex ed off to a good start with this book for ages 3-5 years. Read More »