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TV Review: Dexter – “First Blood”

Lumen poses a major problem for Dexter in "First Blood". Read More »

TV Review Dexter: “Beauty and the Beast”

Complications arrives after Dexter saves the life of Boyd Fowler's final victim. Read More »

TV Review: Dexter – “Practically Perfect”

Dexter continues stalking the Dead Animal Pickup Specialist in "Practically Perfect". Read More »

TV Review: Dexter – “Hello, Bandit”

In "Hello, Bandit", Dexter finds a new victim to take his mind off his family troubles. Read More »

Book Review: River of Darkness by Rennie Airth

Serial killer stalks the English country side shortly after World War I in Airth's compelling thriller. Read More »

TV Preview: Dexter Season Five Premiere

Dexter's fifth season gets off to a solid, suspenseful start. Read More »

DVD Review: Terror Overload

Awful. Read More »

DVD Review: Long Pigs

You know what they say… every cannibal wants to be a director. Read More »

DVD Review: Jingles the Clown

Jingles the Clown is back; you decide if you want him in your living room or not. Read More »

Movie Review: Memories of Murder (2003)

Captivating characters along with an edge of eeriness make Memories of Murder a unique and exceptional experience. Read More »