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Book Review: ‘Tunnel Vision: A Focused Life’ by Isadora Fokine Beauregard


If there was one book that I could recommend to assist in someone’s healing process, it would be 'Tunnel Vision' by Isadora Fokine Beauregard. Read More »

Book Review: Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life by Trevor Blake

The author's personal story is what really makes the book. Read More »

Book Review: The 5 Feminine Power Virtues: A Woman’s Spiritual Roadmap to Love, Joy & Fulfillment by Vanessa Halloum

Take a highly personal journey, where you will rediscover hidden elements of your feminine being, ripe with power and vibrancy. Read More »

Interview with Andreas Dudas, Author of Do You Dare To Be Yourself?

"My sincere wish is that people get both encouraged and empowered to gain real power in life and leadership," says business leader Andreas Dudas. Read More »

Interview: Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, Author of Nine Insights For a Happy and Successful Life

Interview with Dr. Mitchell Gibson about his book on insights to a happy and successful life. Read More »