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In A Worried World Signs of a Pushback


Some medical and social experts claim society’s worry about all kinds of things is on the rise. Read More »

Book Review: Gotchyaa by Steven Stiles

Con artists versus compassionate Christians, a self-defense manual. Read More »

Self-Defense Tactics: C.U.M.A. Ram Tactical Pen vs. Crusher Tactical Pen

It's like comparing a Corvette to a Honda Civic! Read More »

The Dumbing Down of Traditional Martial Arts

A brief look at how a once dangerous fighing system become "dumbed down" and less effective. Read More »

DVD Review: The Essential CUMA RAM Tactical Pen

It may be the "Cadillac" of tactical pens! Read More »

DVD Review: Volume Three: Practical Tactical A.R.C. “All Range Combat”

A tour de force of self-defense techniques! Read More »

DVD Review: The Essential Schrade S.W.A.T. Baton Instructional DVD

Practical self-defense featuring the Schrade baton, featuring blocks basic enough for non-martial artists. Read More »

Book Review: Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi and Tai Chi as a Path to Wisdom

While yoga thrives in chic locations, tai chi devotees work their unheralded art form to great benefit. Read More »

DVD Review: Volume Two – Practical Tactical Impact and Edged Weapons

Learn how to use the tactical pen, knife, and baton in a self-defense setting. Read More »

Book Review: Street Smart by Neal Martin

Self-defense advice for those with and without martial arts experience. Read More »