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Book Review: ‘The Boys on the Bus’ by Timothy Crouse


Nothing was off limits anymore to reporters -- a candidate's family, his donors, blunders, even medical history. Read More »

Interview with Alex Cox, Author of ‘The President and the Provocateur’

The Assassination

"Was the public ever convinced? I don't think so." Read More »

Book Review: The Three Power Values: Commitment, Integrity, and Transparency by David Gebler

Even good employees can behave badly when influenced by a weak corporate culture. Strong value-driven leadership provides the solution. Read More »

Book Review: Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin

An honest and revealing memoir from Clint Hill, Secret Service agent assigned to protect First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Read More »

National Geographic Airing Inside the US Secret Service

A new documentary profiles "American's Golden Boys" - one of whom is my brother. Read More »

Book Review: The Kennedy Detail: JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence by Gerald Blaine with Lisa McCubbin

The "six seconds" in Dallas that changed the life of many Americans Read More »

The Discovery Channel Presents: The Kennedy Detail

The Discovery Channel special focuses on the secret service agents assigned to protect President Kennedy. An examination of the best years of their lives, and their darkest day. Read More »

White House Party Crashers: Who Let the Salahis In?

As the mystery unfolds, a Congressional hearing is forthcoming, to which the Salahis do have a formal invitation. Read More »

TV Review: Warehouse 13 – “Pilot”

Government agents try and find escaping secrets which threaten national security. How cool is that? Read More »