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Book Review: ‘The Secret History of Star Wars’ by Michael Kaminski

secret history

This non-fiction book chronicles the creative process behind the six movie saga. Read More »

Q&A with Cowboys & Aliens Scribes Mark Fergus and Roberto Orci

“We went with character, story, and ‘it’s really happening’ and stayed committed to that.” Read More »

Over the Top: A Conversation with John Lithgow at the LA Film Festival

"I've never seen Buckaroo Banzai with an audience before, so yuk it up." — John Lithgow Read More »

Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Film Festival: I Write, I Produce, Therefore I Am

"Never write something because you think somebody else will like it, because that will just result in terrible stuff." — Robert Ben Garant Read More »

Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Film Festival: Makin’ It In “the Biz”

"Do anything to get people to read your script. Lie to them if you have to." — J.C. Spink Read More »