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Election 2012: Referendum on Extremism

The American people have spoken. Read More »

The Tea Party Time Bomb

Its alliance with the tea party may offer the Republican Party short-term benefit, but assure long-term trouble. Read More »

Scott Brown Hides Behind Discredited Talking Points As He Sells Massachusetts Out To Big Banks

But will Bay State voters buy his big Republican Party-produced lie in 2012? Read More »

The Biggest Cynic

Don't hate me 'cause I'm cynical Read More »

Meet President Obama 2.0

The president seems almost happy that Scott Brown's election will enable him to take his presidency in a new direction. Read More »

Disdain Versus Democracy

What the Brown victory really shows Read More »

Memo to the Democrats: Welcome to the NFL

Jerry Glanville's words are as true today as they were in 1989. Read More »

Scott Brown and the Tea Party Win Massachusetts

In a startling upset Scott Brown has won the Senate seat held by the Kennedy family for over 50 years. Read More »

The Massachusetts Miracle?

In a surprising nail-biter of a race, Republican Scott Brown debated Democrat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts senate seat. Read More »