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Music Review: Various Artists – ‘The GAMBIT – Original Soundtrack’


'The GAMBIT – Original Soundtrack' will definitely get you moving in one way or another with a nice genre blend between country western and classic orchestral music. Read More »

Budget: What Budget?

A budget or the lack of a budget is an elephant in the living room of a business. Read More »

Music Review: The Insane Warrior (RJD2) – We Are The Doorways

Inspired by 1970's horror and sci-fi scores, RJD2's instrumental side project is a fun ride. Read More »

Music Review: Bear McCreary – Human Target Soundtrack

Amazing music from the TV series Human Target and composer Bear McCreary. Read More »

Music Review: Various Artists – 100 Great Film Themes — Take 2

70 Years. 100 Tracks. 6 CDs. A diverse and unique collection of cinema's finest musical scores. Read More »

Music Review: The Last Airbender Soundtrack

James Newton Howard has raised my hopes for The Last Airbender with a great new soundtrack! Read More »

Oscars 2010: Original Song and Score

Lots of good music! Read More »

Music Review: The Book of Eli – Scored by Atticus Ross

Very good score, not what I would have expected and better for it. Read More »

Music Review: Drag Me to Hell – Music Composed by Christopher Young

This score was knocked right out of the park. Read More »

Music Review: Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra – The Music of Star Trek

Star Trek music is fantastic, enough said. Read More »