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Richard Matheson, One of 20th Century’s Great Imaginative Minds, Dies at 87


He crafted stories that presaged modern realities as well as any of the greatest 20th century writers of speculative prose fiction. Read More »

Book Review: Behold a Dark Mirror by Theophilus Axxe

A ragtag handful of outcasts catapulted into history in the making must choose how they will be remembered forever. Read More »

Book Review: Abalus: In the Beginning by Stephen L. Padley

In this future bleak world, the sparse population in the United Kingdom has returned to a pre-industrial era, nature having reclaimed the cities. Read More »

TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “Lady of the Lake”

Emma and Snow White continue to find a way back into Storybrooke on this week's Once Upon a Time. Read More »

Book Review: Ark by Charles McCarry

The planet’s first and only trillionaire sets out to save mankind. Read More »

Book Review: Perfection Unleashed: A Double Helix Novel by Jade Kerrion

Two men, one face. One man seeks to embrace destiny, the other to escape it. Read More »

Book Review: Redwine Hill: The Secrets at Primevil Asylum by L.L. Stolmeier

It is a dangerous world when you are 16 and being stalked by collectors. Read More »

Book Review: The Bane of Yoto by Joshua Viola

Fans of both fantasy and/or science fiction will love reading The Bane of Yoto. Read More »

Book Review: Cuquita by Thomas Matthew

How can an alien survive among humans without arousing questions about her origins? Do we care? Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who – “The Three Doctors” Special Edition

Not one of the best, but still a nice entry point for someone only casually familiar with the series. Read More »