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TV Review: Fringe – “In Absentia”

Things are anything but rosy as recently united parents and daughter learn about the differences between them the years have carved. Read More »

Movie Review: Looper (2012) – Let’s Agree to Disagree

Looper is a sci-fi story about time travel, love and loss, but in the end it get's slightly lost itself. Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Air Part 1″

Whether you are just now discovering Stargate Universe, starring Robert Carlyle, or want to revisit Syfy's 2009-2011 sci-fi series, stop by and join the discussion. Read More »

A Conversation with Jane Espenson: Part One

Sci-fi/fantasy TV writer Jane Espenson on Once Upon a Time, Husbands, Fanfiction, literature, and more. Read More »

Movie Review: Looper

Looper is intelligent, fun sci fi, but the violence is overbearing and unfunny. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Judge Dredd

This film suffers from cheap looking sets and costumes, as well as lazy storytelling Read More »

TV Review: Stargate Universe Rediscovered

Syfy's Stargate Universe worth another look. Join me as we re-watch the entire series from episode one. Read More »

Worldcon 2012, Part 3

Another day at Worldcon, with science and art and fiction galore and a discussion of how much science science fiction needs. Read More »

Movie Review: Branded (2012)

Branded wasn't advertised. Because it's an abomination. Read More »

Interview: Branded (2012) Director James Bradshaw

Branded director James Bradshaw talks with Blogcritics Co-Executive Editor Barbara Barnett about his new movie. Read More »