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MARCON Day 3: In Space, Can Anybody Hear You Pray?

Teaching science fiction, Life on Mars, and religion, all on the final day of the convention. Read More »

MARCON Day 2: Costumes and “Characters”

Was that a man dressed as Sailor Moon? Read More »

MARCON Day 1: Welcome to the Con

Be prepared for the weird at the Multiple Alternative Reality Convention. Read More »

Movie Review: Terminator Salvation

Big, dumb action fun. Read More »

DVD Review: Galaxy Quest Deluxe Edition

By Grabthar’s Hammer, ten years old and still just as funny, Galaxy Quest returns to DVD, loaded with extras. Read More »

The Fringe Finale – Good and Bad

FOX's Fringe, which definitely had some missteps this season, went out with a bang last night in their season finale. Read More »

Movie Review: Star Trek

Not so boldly going where lots of people have gone before. Read More »

DVD Review: Galaxy Quest – Deluxe Edition

This is Spinal Tap for sci-fi geeks. Read More »

Movie Review: Star Trek

Rebooting this franchise, in this way, was the best thing to ever happen to it. Read More »

Alan Tudyk Hints at What to Expect on Dollhouse

The actor sheds light on his mysterious role and how he figures into the show's season finale. Read More »