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The 401(k): the Best and Easiest Way to Save for Retirement

401(k). Save early and often.

Run, don't walk to sign up for your 401(k). Because of the exponential growth of compound interest, the best time to start saving for retirement is yesterday. Read More »

Social Couponing: The New Way to Save

The new trend for companies to encourage consumers to share coupons and deals by being social with their mobile apps. Read More »

Book Review: Dollars and Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money by Steven Repak CFP

Dollars and Uncommon Sense is about how to keep more of what you earn. Read More »

Personal Finances: A Look at CD Rates and Forex Trading

Various types of CDs have been developed in response to investors' many needs, such as bump-up, liquid, variable-rate, brokered, and callable CDs. Read More »

Book Review: Your Money: The Missing Manual by J.D. Roth

Roth talks to his readers as if we were friends who need helpful advice. Read More »

Dancing With Debt

Have we already lost the chance to teach future generations about choosing a life over a lifestyle? Read More »

Book Review: Where to Put Your Money NOW by Peter Passell

Is it too late to bullet-proof your savings? Read More »