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Art Must Be Revolution

There's a certain comfort knowing that gesture has to some extent replaced any real meaning or ideas in art... Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): All Great Art is Horse Sh*t, Buy Tacos – Tribute to Bukowski at JETT Gallery

Thirty San Diego artists pay homage to Charles Bukowski in paint, needlepoint, and more. Read More »

Cubs Series Recap – A Chilly Return to Chicago and .500

The Chicago Cubs returned home to 30-degree weather, a ton of rain, and a .500 record. Read More »

Sea Trash by the Sea Shore

A lovely beach, a great day, warm water, and a floating piece of plastic. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Alien 2 – On Earth

Midnight Legacy's release of this rare, cheapo Italian rip-off is a bad movie lover's High-Def dream come true! Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): THIS IS A CITY

Home is where you store your dreams. Installation art by Alexander and Savannah Jarman. Read More »

Theater Review (San Diego): Little Miss Sunshine at the La Jolla Playhouse

The popular San Diego theater brings the sleeper hit to the stage. Read More »

DVD Review: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

“A surreal descent into a twilight zone created by the twisted sensibilities of two cinematic geniuses.” –V.A. Musetto, NY Post Read More »

Why Blacks Watch FOX News and Listen to Rush Limbaugh

When it comes to diversity, FOX actually has the other networks beat when it comes to commentators and guests that support their viewpoint and even those who disagree with FOX’s narrative. Read More »

NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview

There are some potential offensive shootouts in store for this weekend. Read More »