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Gadget Review: Zmart Remote


The Zmart Remote is a fun toy for the geek in your circle, but for you normal folks you can think of it as a super-handy backup for when you inevitably lose the remote control...AGAIN! Read More »

Siri? Apologize To Iris And Iris? Fire Your Agent

Google's filing firm releases an 'incomplete' earnings filing while Apple must apologize to its chief rival. Read More »

Siri, Did You Beat The Case?

Apple scores a major victory in the Ali/Frazier of lawsuits. But does their rivalry with Samsung help or harm the competition? Read More »

The Semi-Wireless Living Room Buying Guide

Looking to cut a few cords? This living room set-up minimizes cords while maximizing your use experience. Read More »

Hardware Review: Samsung 8GB SD Card – Class 10

A quick hardware review of the Samsung 8GB SD Memory Card - Class 10 for HD recording. Read More »

Google Wallet is Ready – is Earth Ready for it?

Google Wallet has launched, but is the general public ready for mobile payments? Read More »

Hands-on Review: Samsung Infuse 4G -Images and Video

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G with pics and video Read More »

RedMere to Announce Single Cable HDMI Solution for Apple Products

RedMere, pioneer in smart active cable technology for HDMI, will announce Monday a new, single–cable solution for mirroring the iPad 2 and iPhone 4’s display to an HDTV. Read More »