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Theater Review (LA): ‘Evil Dead The Musical’ Sings Like a Chainsaw

Evil Dead

The 1980s are cool again, as evidenced by the popularity of 'Stranger Things.' Something from the 1980s even stranger than 'Stranger Things' was the 'Evil Dead' trilogy. The films starring Bruce Campbell as Ash set the bar for campy horror. Can something be stranger yet? Yes: 'Evil Dead The Musical.' Read More »

An ‘Evil Dead’ Primer

Evil Dead montage

The Evil Dead universe consists of the original film trilogy, all starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams – The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead ll (1987), Army of Darkness (1992); video games; comic books; a musical; film reboot (sans Ash) – Evil Dead (2013); and now a hit television series on Starz – Ash vs. Evil Dead. Read More »

Movie Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Another franchise rises from the dead as one of the best horror films in years! Be sure to stay through the credits too. Read More »