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A Technocrat Gets it Wrong: Obama Scores a Decisive Victory in the Second Presidential Debate of 2012

Romney in one simple exchange destroyed the narrative he was trying to establish about himself since the first debate. Read More »

VP Debate: Biden Brings the Fire, Ryan Stays Cool

Ryan tried to play it cool during the VP debate, but Biden brought the energy missing from his boss' previous performance. Read More »

The So-Called Presidential Debates Are a Waste of Time

The Obama/Romney showdown avoided the most important issues. Read More »

Mitt Swings for First, Steals Second

Romney gets to wear the crown for winning the first debate, but at what cost? Read More »

The Power of Words: Are They Entitlements, or Benefits? Is It Redistribution, or Fairness?

Words can change the course of history. Read More »

Grassroots Republicans Call for Opposition to Party Rule Changes

Is the Republican Party no longer a party of the people, by the people and for the people? Read More »

Romney’s Lack of Judgment and Hypocrisy

Romney is unfit to be president. Read More »

Romney Angered by Muslim Sensitivities

The article includes a description of the video that provoked Muslim rioting, and politican's response to that rioting. Read More »

My Father Built This: A Labor Day Reflection

"I built this" is an insult to the workers upon whose backs this country was built, especially today, Labor Day. Read More »

The Wake-Up Call of Fail Safe in 2012

Sidney Lumet's Fail Safe offers a perspective on the presidency never more relevant than it is here in 2012. Read More »