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Book Review: ‘The Gamble’ by John Sides and Lynn Vavreck


For the political wonks and data junkies out there, this will fill your cup nicely. Read More »

Change is Coming to the GOP

Observations on the election from the liberty wing of the party. Read More »

The Non-Choice

November 6th answers the question: Have we finally sold our souls short? Read More »

Birds of a Feather

On the NYC mayor's presidential endorsement and the choice we have on Tuesday. Read More »

UnSkewed Polls and Election Conspiracy

If Obama wins, expect to see UnSkewed Polls provide the "evidence" of voter fraud. Read More »

America’s Thorniest Foreign Policy Challenge

110 nuclear weapons. On trucks. In a third-world country. Not good! Read More »

2012: How It Looks

If the 2012 is all about looks and the Tea Party, Romney wins. Read More »

Politics Intervenes in Halting the Iranian Nuclear Threat

Political considerations may negativly affect talks with Iran on nuclear proliferation. Read More »

Dear Obama: You Lose

An open farewell letter to President Obama. Read More »

Presidential Debate: Governor Romney Caught in the Bubble

Romney unable to get away with Bubblespeak at last night's debate Read More »