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DVD Review: ‘Macbeth’ (1971) – Criterion Collection

Macbeth 1971

If you are willing to trudge through the mire and muck, the pessimism and darkness, the grotesque and graphic violence, you’ll find a great artist and some of his best art. Read More »

DVD Review: Rosemary’s Baby – The Criterion Collection

"Devil may care." And indeed he does! Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Cul-de-sac – The Criterion Collection

An absurd, claustrophobic black comedy from Roman Polanski -- finally getting a U.S. release. Read More »

Movie Review: The Ghost Writer

Roman Polanski's ghosts make for some beautiful movies. Read More »

DVD Review: The Ghost (2010, aka The Ghost Writer)

Roman Polanski takes ghost writing and politics and makes them interesting. Read More »

A Musical Ode To Spain, The World Cup, Mel Gibson, and Lindsay Lohan

Turning Twitter trending topics into a musical... Read More »

Movie Review: The Ghost Writer (2010)

Roman Polanski's new film engrosses viewers. Read More »

Book Review: Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers: What Your Teachers Never Told You About the World’s Greatest Directors by Robert Schnakenberg

For those who enjoy tawdry escapism and tales from "Hollywood Babylon," this book is best taken with a grain of salt. Read More »

Filmmaker Roman Polanski Arrested on 31-Year-Old Warrant

Infamous director/screenwriter Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland on U.S. warrant issued in 1978. Read More »