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DVD Review: ‘White House Down’


Don't let the poor box office turn-out scare you away. This Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx buddy flick is a lot of fun. Read More »

Movie Review: ‘White House Down’


Emmerich knows how to blow stuff up spectacularly with the best of them. And that’s what we came to see right? Read More »

Movie Review: Anonymous (2011)

Not exactly great cinema, but as historically inaccurate films go you could certainly do a lot worse. Read More »

Movie Preview: October 2011

Just gotta trudge our way through October before Oscar comes calling. Read More »

Shakespeare and Conspiracy: The Prospect of Anonymous

Did ‘the man from Stratford’ write Shakespeare? Roland Emmerich thinks not. Read More »

DVD Review: Stargate Universe: The Complete First Season

Stargate Universe proves that there's drama between Stargates! Read More »

Book Review: 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas

Explore the past, present, and future of the Mayan end of days and the significance of the Crystal Skulls! Read More »

Movie Review: 2012

Preposterously entertaining. Read More »

Movie Review: 2012

You might as well rent one of Roland Emmerich's other movies - in the end you'll get the same effect. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Godzilla (1998)

Godzilla takes Manhattan. Read More »