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Novak Djokovic – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Forgive me if I am making Djokovic out as the second coming of Crocodile Dundee. Read More »

Wimbledon 2012: Roger Is High On Grass

It was the only surface on which Djokovic never defeated him. Score one for Federer before he even stepped onto the court. Read More »

Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer: Time Is Not On Their Side

The question one can ask is, when do these guys throw in the proverbial towel? Read More »

Tennis Tips: What You Can Learn From The Pros

The magic keys to winning tennis. Read More »

Letting the Side Down

It's time to name and shame some of the sporting figures who didn't distinguish themselves in 2010. Read More »

Peevish and Butt-head

"Underpaid" snooker players, cheating cricketers and foolish administrators bring the world of sport into disrepute. Read More »

Rafael Nadal: A Great Tennis Player and a Very Good Sport

Long ago I had a baseball coach who said, "It easy to be a good sport, a good loser; the hardest thing to be is a good winner." Read More »

Andy Murray: A Rage to Whinge

British tennis fans hold their breath as Andy Murray tries to sulk his way to Grand Slam glory. Read More »

Forget Football: It’s Tennis Frenzy Down Under

Tennis fun and drama come to a close in the summer-splashed weekend of the Australian Open. Read More »

Australian Open: Final Weekend Predictions

Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Men's Single's... it's all in here. Read More »