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Music Review: Boy + Kite – ‘Blueprint’ EP

Boy + Kite

Boy + Kite offers a great listen with its newly released, three-track EP. Read More »

Music Review: Lenny Kravitz – ‘Strut’

lenny kravitz strut

Lenny Kravitz shows off his "strut" on his new LP. Read More »

Music Review: Nehedar – ‘The Warming House’

Nehedar's 'The Warming House'

A little bit of a lot of elements come together surprisingly well in an album that offers interesting insight into its composer. Read More »

Music Review: U2 – ‘Songs of Innocence’

U2 - Songs of Innocence

U2's latest effort, 'Songs of Innocence,' finds the band trudging through the wastelands of well-intentioned adult contemporary music. Read More »

Music Review: aCr – ‘Ghost Note Manifest’

Ghost Note Manifest

'Ghost Note Manifest' is a trio of interesting songs from aCr, one of which paints a very vivid scene. Read More »

Music Review: The Slang – ‘The Slang’ EP

The Slang Cover

The Slang are set to release their five-track EP, which manages to sound both familiar and fresh. Read More »

Music Review: Dog Society – ‘In the Shade’

Dog Society - In The Shade

Dog Society's latest album features a collection of catchy tunes that manage to bring together very different sounds, from grunge to Oasis to The Beatles. Read More »

Music Review: Jeff and Susanne Kelly – ‘By Reckless Moonlight’

Jeff kelly

There is poetry in these songs. They are the kind you will want to hear again and again. Read More »

Music Review: Karen Haglof – ‘Western Holiday’

Western Holiday

Singer and guitarist Karen Haglof's debut is original, engaging and defies easy categorization. Read More »

Music Review: The Hydrothermal Vents – ‘Secrets of the Deep!’

THV600 Cover

The Hydrothermal Vents take listeners on an intriguing, but at times confusing, underwater adventure. Read More »