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Concert Review: Ian Anderson – ‘Jethro Tull: The Rock Opera’ (NYC, Nov. 6 2015)

jethro tull the rock opera

The ever-inventive Ian Anderson is back on the road with a high-concept multimedia repackaging of songs from the vast Jethro Tull catalog. Read More »

Interview: Ian Anderson on His Upcoming ‘Jethro Tull – The Rock Opera’ Tour, the Original Jethro Tull, and the State of the World

Ian Anderson Weyfest 2014 33 Photo by Martin Webb

'I'm not a politician, not a university lecturer. I am a songwriter, an entertainer, I dance around and play the fool for you on stage and you can kind of tap your feet and smile along with me.' Read More »

Music Review: ‘Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera’

dreams of the witch house

H.P. Lovecraft is reborn with soul-shattering tunes. Read More »

Music Review: Super Deluxe Edition of ‘Tommy’ by The Who

Tommy 3D Pack Shot HR

For fans of 'Tommy,' this is a masterpiece collection of new and old material that will add to your enjoyment of this essential piece of rock history. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): Rent by Jonathan Larson at the 5th Avenue Theatre

The 5th Avenue Theatre closes out its season with a triumphant production of Jonathan Larson's rock opera. Read More »

Theater Review (LA): The Who’s Tommy at the MET Theater

L.A.'s DOMA Theatre Company takes on Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff's 1992 musical in an entertaining update. Read More »

Music Review: The Who – Quadrophenia – The Director’s Cut

A fine, if slightly flawed re-examining of what is arguably the Who's greatest album. Read More »

Liner Notables: Ray Davies – See My Friends

Ray Davies' commentary illuminates his collaborations with Bruce Springsteen, Alex Chilton, Black Francis, Lucinda Williams, Metallica, Jackson Browne, and more... Read More »

Music Review: The Protomen – Act II: The Father of Death

Gamers rejoice! The gospel of Mega Man has arrived. Read More »