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Tag Archives: Roadmap to End Global Hunger

Obama’s Foreign Policy Facing Toughest Foe: Hunger

President Obama is facing a critical foreign policy test with hunger emergencies unfolding in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan Read More »

Low Funding for the World Food Programme Threatens School Feeding in Côte d’Ivoire

This sharp reduction in food rations is most unfortunate when the country is on a critical path in the peace process Read More »

Congress Needs to Support the Roadmap to End Global Hunger

Congress needs to act on this bill. So I hope that Rep. Driehaus and his colleagues will give their support Read More »

A Child’s Letter and the Struggle to End Global Hunger

The child hunger crisis that rages in the world today has deep implications for everyone's future. Read More »

Remembering Hoover’s mission and today’s Roadmap to End Global Hunger

Today, a type of "food ambassador" is the goal of the Roadmap to End Global Hunger legislation Read More »

Defeating Hunger at Home and Abroad

There are enough resources to end hunger both at home and abroad. Never settle for anything less. Read More »

President Obama, Global Hunger, and the Christmas Before the Marshall Plan

President Obama has pledged to fight hunger. But words need to be put into action. Read More »

Congressman Leonard Boswell Supporting the Roadmap to End Global Hunger

There are now 26 members of Congress co-sponsoring The Roadmap to End Global Hunger Read More »

The “Czar” Obama Needs

If President Obama and other leaders are not focused on hunger, the problem is not going to be solved. Read More »

Secretary Clinton Calls for Action to End Global Hunger

We know how to end hunger, but for some reason the resolve from political leaders is not strong enough. Read More »