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Obama’s Rope-a-Dope

What are Republicans in Congress thinking? They do not understand that the president has suckered them into the president’s game. Read More »

The RNC Should Stand Up for Fair Debates

With the media and state parties picking and choosing who can participate in the debates, Republcan voters deserve a fair look at the candidates Read More »

It Is Time to Change Those Early Primary States

It is about time Iowa and New Hampshire go last and let some other states go first! Read More »

Michael Steele’s Coonery Tour Has Ended

Steele, a bright and intelligent person prior to becoming a national political figure, became someone who played up the worst stereotypes of Black in mainstream media. Read More »

Michael Steele Talks Sense – He Must Resign!

Michael Steele has transgressed the unwritten rule and told the truth about Afghanistan. Will he pay the ultimate price? Read More »

Capitol Idea: The Peep Show I’d Pay to See is Inside the RNC

Steele's troops offered manufactured outrage in response to this week's lesbian-bondage scandal. But what really went down at GOP HQ? Read More »

Republican National Committee Offers More Controversy than Leadership

Weakened by scandal, the RNC may cost Republicans the opportunities which President Obama has handed them. Read More »

Satire: The Republican National Committee’s Top Ten for 2010

What you do after 2010 or don’t get caught doing until then is your own business since you’ll already have their money. Read More »

A Republican “Purity Test” — A Remarkably Stupid Idea

Maybe the GOP really is as stupid as the left claims it is. Read More »