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Haikus for the Campaign Trail

A modest proposal to reverse the expense and bombast of political campaigns. Read More »

Sasquatch Joins the Republican Presidential Field

The new Republican Presidential candidate symbolizes a return to traditional American values and self-reliance. Read More »

Tom Brady Bests Tim Tebow and the Broncos, 41-23

Yesterday's hugely hyped match-up of Tim Tebow versus Tom Brady was the talk of the NFL. In the end, Tebow Fever cooled off with his loss to the better team. Read More »

Texas Board May Disallow Stem Cell Treatment

The Texas Medical Board is meeting today to discuss curtailing stem cell use in medical procedures like the one Governor Rick Perry recently underwent. Read More »

No Joke: Rick Perry Proves Himself Unfit For The Presidency

Congratulations, Gov. Perry. In trying to somehow prove Barack Obama isn't a legitimate president, you proved you aren't much of a legitimate candidate. Read More »

Perry’s Insult to Veterans

Why did Rick Perry make a voter ID bill an "emergency" to fast-track it when it discriminates against Texas veterans? Read More »

Perry and Bachmann: Forgetting the Foundation of America

Perry and Bachmann pick and choose what to believe in their Bibles, based on their political and personal agendas of the moment. Read More »

States’ Rights and Less Regulation

Are the current Republican candidates extreme in their views? Read More »

Is Obama Finished?

It's still quite early, but the polls are not looking good for President Obama. Read More »

The Secret Truth About the GOP Primary Field: There are Only Two Real Candidates

Right now, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are the only credible choices. Deal with it. Read More »