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TV Review: Revenge

Indeed, revenge is a dish best served cold. Read More »

TV Review: Revenge – “Duplicity”

Revenge teases in delicious, dark mystery, while allowing room for romance, both faux and authentic, to blossom. Read More »

Blu-ray/DVD Review: The Exterminator (1980)

The director's cut of the very controversial cult class-ick hits Blu-ray. Read More »

Book Review: Blood in the Meadows: Terror on the Strip by Dale Day

A Terroristic possibility in the City of Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada. Read More »

Book Review: The Kult by Shaun Jeffrey

A gruesome and horrific murder mystery, full of horror and madness. Read More »

‘It Is Unusual To Celebrate A Death’

Osama bin Laden was a monster beyond words. But Mike Huckabee also is right, it is unusual to celebrate a death. Read More »

Book Review: Redheart by Jackie Gamber

A must read for ALL dragon fans. Read More »

DVD Review: Red Hill

One of the finest contemporary westerns to cross my sights in a long time. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Mad Max

A classic haunting tale of revenge set in a bleak future. Read More »

PlayStation Network Review: Shank

Shank is a bloody good time that's held back by some minor flaws. Read More »