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Music Review: Bananarama – ‘Megarama’ [3-CD Set Reissue]


The internationally renowned Brit girl group's deep remix catalog is chronicled in a new 3-CD set of dance/club hits and rarities. Read More »

Music Review: Various Artists – Electrospective: Electronic Music Since 1958 and Electrospective: The Remix Album

These releases are a wild journey through the world of electronic music. Read More »

Music Review: Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer – Re: ECM

An unlikely remix album of ECM music. Read More »

Music Review: Ke$ha – I Am The Dance Commander + I Commander You To Dance: The Remix Album

Get on the dance floor! Read More »

Funeral Party to Release Their U.S. Debut on March 29

The Los Angeles-based band is set to release their EP, Live At The BBC later this month. Read More »

Music Review: Arcadia – So Red the Rose (Special Edition)

The first and last album of dance pop from this Duran Duran spin-off. Read More »

Music Review: Various Artists – Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite III

Michael Jackson's legacy is celebrated with remixes of some of his most famous songs in this 5 part suite. Read More »

Music Review: Various Artists – Johnny Cash Remixed

If you approach this with an open mind, and your ears wide open, you can't help but appreciate the work of all those involved. Read More »