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Book Review: Mind Your Own Life: The Journey Back to Love by Aaron Anson

Men don’t have to be in a repressed and unfulfilled marriage. Read More »

Book Review: God’s Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World by Cullen Murphy

In today’s lingo, inquisitions are probably the purest form of “hate crimes.” Discover their appeal in God's Jury. Read More »

A War Against Knowledge

Freedom of education and freedom of information are integral to freedom of thought. Read More »

How Does It Feel to Be A Question?

In Iran Baha'is are a "Question", not a community. Read More »

Not Free to Learn

It's time for Iran to allow Baha'is freedom to learn. Read More »

TV Open Thread: Sister Wives – “Gambling on the Future”

The Brown family flees to Nevada to find religious freedom, encountering every kind of possible problem along the way. Read More »

What Harm is There in This?

It's time for Iran to stop persecuting its largest religious minority. Read More »

Christian Protests that Produce Ungodly Behavior

With all the Christ-centered organizations based in Middle Tennessee, the anti-Muslim behavior of some church folks are keeping us in the national spotlight. Read More »

A Mosque in New York: A Test of Our Mettle

A mosque, the Constitution, and the inconvenience of maintaining our freedoms. Read More »