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Book Review: Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman

Time always moves forward, in a steady fashion. But what if there exist worlds in which time behaves differently? Read More »

A Small Paragraph for an Article, a Giant Leap for Elastic Space Theory

And yes, I'm patting myself on the back BIG time! Read More »

The Sexiest Man Not Alive

Those eyes! That hair! That brain! Let’s face it, there’s not a man alive who compares to The Albert. Read More »

Elastic Space — A Possible Alternative to Dark Matter and Dark Energy

General Relativity predicted that observed time is not absolute. Perhaps the same can be said for observed distance. Read More »

Book Review: Science Matters by Robert M. Hazen and James Trefil

Science raw, is a puzzle or a maze. But understood, can wipe away the haze! Read More »