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Defense Bill Includes Authorization for Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

A section of the Defense appropriations act could make it possible for US Citizens to be detained indefinitely by the military. Read More »

Congress Prepares for Absurd Failure on Debt Ceiling

It's time to start acting like grown-ups, make serious proposals and work out compromises which give up more than either side wants for the good of the people and the nation. Read More »

President Obama: “The American People are Fed Up”

After House Speaker John Boehner walked out of debt-ceiling talks, President Obama speaks to the press. Read More »

In a 2012 Democratic Wave, Beware Senate Wipeout

Beware: Democrats next year could retake the House — and lose the Senate Read More »

Reid, Not Pelosi, Emerges As Dems’ Budget Warrior

It's up to the Nevada Democrat to stare down House Republicans. Read More »

The Yin, Yang of the 111th Congress

Why is a Congress that has produced so much, also so hated? Read More »

Updated: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Passes Senate 65 to 31

DADT moves to its final vote, while the DREAM Act fails. Read More »


Musings on the Democratic shellacking of Tuesday. Read More »

Failure To Vote Should Never Be An Option

Cowardly TV ad tells Nevada Latinos 'don't vote' Read More »

Capitol Idea: Just Who Do We Want To Punish?

The Left has to ask itself, "Who really wins if Democrats lose?" Read More »