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Prisoner Reentry Tool Kit (Part 1 of 4)

reentry take a load off

I urge prisoners to print this article and share it with peers, staff, and anyone who may support their journeys as reentry leaders. Read More »

UNICOR: Prison Sweatshop or Under-Exploited Tool for Rehabilitation?


Quality vocational training, in-prison work experience, and job opportunities upon release could be so transformative if only there were the vision and leadership to realize the potential. Read More »

Transforming Lives on Both Sides of the Prison Walls

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The blind students and the inmate students have a symbiotic relationship of success and hope, Read More »

Book Review: Crossing the Line from Alcohol Use to Abuse to Dependence by Lisa Frederiksen

Most people are unaware there is a line comprised of three stages of drinking, believing instead that drinking is either normal or alcoholic. Read More »

You Don’t Have to Be an Athlete to Be a Good Swimmer

Swimming benefits everybody, and you don't have to be an athlete to be able to swim well. Total Immersion is an excellent method. Read More »

Thoughts on Communicating About Improving Communication on the Computer

Meta-communication using computer mediated communication methods. Read More »

Computer-Mediated Communication After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Some thoughts on computer-mediated communication as a skill gained through rehabilitation after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Read More »

What I Learned in Prison

Truth Be Told is changing lives for women behind and beyond bars. Read More »

When A Child Kills

Do killer children get rehabilitated, and what happens when they are released? Read More »

Book Review:West Nile Diary: One Couple’s Triumph Over a Deadly Disease by Kathleen Gibson

An inspirational story of pirates, unlikely angels, faith in God, and the value of mosquito repellent. Read More »