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Human Flood from the Third World: Is there a Solution?

Migrants from Syria

The dilemma for developed world, and particularly for Western Europe, is profound, and could shutter its moral foundation. Read More »

Interview with Helga Stipa Madland, Author of ‘You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? Reminiscences’

"I write about my family’s experience as refugees from Upper Silesia, our emigration to Canada and later the United States."

I am aware that not much has been written in English about the period immediately after World War II in Germany. I hope this book will fill a little bit of that lacuna. Read More »

Syrian Refugee Children Lose School Food Program

Syrian refugee children in Iraq will not be able to get food at school because of funding constraints (World Food Programme photo)

Syrian children attending school in refugee camps in Iraq will be without a feeding program when classes start next week. Read More »

Millions of Syrians Desperate for Food Aid

Life-saving food aid is not reaching hungry Syrians because of the escalating conflict between Assad's government and rebels. Read More »

Mali and Mauritania: War, Drought and School Meals

A solution to the crisis in Mali will be hard to find if children are hungry and malnourished. Read More »

Tears Tell Story of Syria: An Interview with Laure Chadraoui

Laure Chadraoui ,a World Food Programme (WFP) officer, shares her experience in war-torn Syria Read More »

Food, Clothing, Tech, and Logistics All Crucial for Syrian Aid

If the Syrian conflict continues, humanitarian needs are only going to increase. Read More »

Book Review: Child of Dandelions by Shenaaz Nanji

A heartbreakingly optimistic novel, Child of Dandelions follows the journey of 15-year-old Sabine, who is forced to leave the country she so desperately loves. Read More »

Somali Child: I Just Want to Go to School Again

In responding to the drought in East Africa it's vital to ensure that all children can receive school meals and an education. Read More »

The Korean War: Humanitarian Heroes Fighting Hunger

L3-B/Korea 1951

Nothing should ever be forgotten about the humanitarian who saved and the changed the lives of a generation in Korea. Read More »