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It’s Time for New Strategies at the NRSC

Should the NRSC pick candidates or should it work to defeat Democrats? Read More »

Capitol Idea: For Democrats It Will Be Either Kill, or be Killed

Healthcare reform will be a weapon in November. It’s only a question of whether the Dems are beaten with it – or use it to slay GOP Read More »

To Tea or Not To Tea

The constitutional tea party Read More »

Disdain Versus Democracy

What the Brown victory really shows Read More »

Obama: Say One Term Is Enough

It would be a political miracle that would shake up the US if President Obama had the courage to announce he would not seek a second term. Read More »

Capitol Idea: Sometimes, Patience Pays Off

With his secrecy decision, Obama proves being patient will be rewarded Read More »

Screw the Sick and Needy

Won't somebody please think about the children! Read More »

Republican Party of Florida Purges Outspoken Members

It doesn't pay to be idealistic and outspoken if you're a Republican in Florida. Read More »

The Libertarian Approach to Health Care Reform: Paying in Cold Hard Cash

Forget high insurance rates, forget the feds paying for it; pay for it yourself with cash or barter. Read More »

Young Republicans Go Off the Rails

As the Young Republicans turn to the dark side, it may be time for moderates in the GOP to look for new allies. Read More »