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The Day American Democracy Suffered a Mortal Blow

Democracy in America died today. It just doesn't know it yet. Read More »

Man of Reform

Do you believe in reform, or in progress? Read More »

Texas Lawmaker Proposes Responsible Immigration Alternative

As the federal government fails to address the immigration issue responsibly, state governments are coming up with some good ideas. Read More »

Obamacare or Bieberflair

Will health care reform put an end to medical underwriting? Read More »

The Yin, Yang of the 111th Congress

Why is a Congress that has produced so much, also so hated? Read More »

The Eric Cantor Effect: Halfway There

Eric Cantor sees which way the wind is blowing and others will follow. Read More »

Pro-Life is a Lie

How anti-abortion folks are using words to fool you. Read More »

Constitutional Traitors

Replacing elections to get reforms. Read More »

Reviews in Brief: Race to Nowhere Examines the Dark Side of the Achievement Culture

Are the students of today in a Race to Nowhere because they are burnt out on memorizing and swamped with homework? Read More »

Nation’s Highest Court Takes On Immigration Issue

Immigration Borders: The Case of Chamber of Commerce vs. Candelaria, Read More »