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Some women derive the most perverse pleasure watching their object of ridicule squirm, cry and otherwise become unhinged. Read More »

The Superiority of Western Ideas

In fact, our "superiority in applying organized violence" ranks as one of the lesser aspects of our prominence. I can appreciate how you might not think so right now. Living in Baghdad at this moment means that you're looking down the barrel of the most fearsome military force in human history. Read More »

Bare Naked and Unashamed

Y’know how the Internet Movie Database is really good because it is useful, and you can use it to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but you think, how could this be more useful? Well, wonder no longer, the Celebrity Nudity Database is now online. Based on the Bare Facts Video Guide, this gives all the important nudity facts you ... Read More »

Dressing the Man: The Art of Permanent Fashion

At the height of the Silicon Valley boom, several friends of mine, all in their 40s or 50s, who hadn't gone on job interviews in ages, each asked me what to wear to them. And in each case, I simply handed them my copy of one of Alan Flusser's books, and said, "read this". Read More »