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Styrofoam Cups: Ban or Recycle?


The restaurant industry in New York City is gearing up to thwart an effort by legislators to ban styrofoam cups. Meanwhile, cities like London have successfully reprocessed styrofoam. Read More »

Book Review: Garbology by Edward Humes

Celebrate Earth Day with some common sense solutions to our ongoing battle with trash disposal. Read More »

Going Green One Toilet Paper Roll at a Time

A recent television commercial shows us how our toilet paper use and subsequent disposal of cardboard toilet paper rolls are wreaking havoc on our environment. Read More »

A Garbage Can the Size of Texas?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to be as large as Texas and scientists don't know how to deal with it. Read More »

DVD Review: Dirt! The Movie

Looking for the dirt on dirt? Dirt! The Movie gives the skinny on why dirt is more valuable than gold. Read More »

Interview: Author Barbara Tako Conquers Clutter for Spring

Author Barbara Tako's Clutter Cleaning Choices gives the disorganized easy tips on ways to reclaim living space. Read More »

Reviews in Brief: The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen

Live a self-sufficient, rural lifestyle in the city! Read More »

Tips for a Greener New Year

Easy ways to green your life this year. Read More »

Book Review: Living Green: The Missing Manual by Nancy Conner

Are you curious or even dubious about the green movement? Maybe want a few tips on how to improve? Read More »