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Into Home Recording? Book Some Time In The Omni-Studio

With its low latency and numerous inputs and outputs, M-Audio's Omni Studio could be the ideal soundcard and breakout box a home musician needs to make extremely high-quality recordings without a minimum of fuss. Read More »

A New Book Introduces The New Music Business

In place of the traditional recording industry, an author posits a much more entrepreneurial model for musicians to succeed using new technologies and media to make and sell music. Read More »

All your guitar are belong to Fender?

Fender is claiming that all guitars based on the classic stratocaster design (which is just about every guitar made, more or less) is trademarked to them. …[P]rivately held Fender Musical Instruments, which owns the name to history’s most famous electric guitar–the Stratocaster–wants that to stop. Fifty years after the first Strat was sold, the company is claiming that the guitar’s ... Read More »

From The Bottom Up: From The Fender Bass To The Software Synthesizer

From the debut of the Fender Precision Bass in the early 1950s to today's software synthesizers, the bass has changed radically. Yet it's still the backbone of every type of popular music. Read More »

Label Launch

This morning, I finished up reading the book Label Launch. Perhaps I should say I finished reading the pamphlet Label Launch. This very slight book supposedly covers all the information you would need to know if you wanted to start your own record label. It does cover it, if only at the really, really high level viewpoint. Chapters (and I ... Read More »

7 steps of writing music

From Tom Ellard (of Severed Heads) by way of Eppy, the seven steps of writing music: You just wrote the music – it sounds great! Next day, you’re not so sure. Maybe some changes? Perhaps if I destroy some parts. Salvage Job. This music sucks no matter what I do to it. And using compression just ruined it. Oh that ... Read More »